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Tips & Tricks

How many glasses for a bottle?

s an aperitif, a bottle of champagne for 6 people
For a classic meal, count for:
- the entrance: a bottle for 6 persons
- the main course: a bottle for 4 people
On the occasion of a reception, a cocktail or a wedding party: 1 bottle for 2/3 people.
A surprise that makes its effect: You can consider an exceptional bottle ...
Magnum = 2 bottles of champagne (1.5L)
Jéroboam = 4 bottles (3L)
Mathusalem = 8 bottles (6L)
Nabuchodonosor = 20 bottles (15L)
All these bottles are available for sale. (On command).

Refreshment tips
The two recommended refresh modes are:
Immerse the bottle in a bucket filled with water and ice for half an hour.
Lay the bottle in the bottom of the refrigerator for 4 hours.
In any case, avoid refreshing a bottle in the freezer. In the same way, in order not to harm the expression of the effervescence of the wine, it is disadvised to cool the glasses of service in the refrigerator.

Pay special attention to glass washing
To let the wine's effervescence flourish, the glasses must have been rinsed with hot water and drained on their own. Because the residues of the washing and rinsing products leave a greasy film on the wall of the glass, which can prevent the formation of the Champagnes' foam. In many cases, an absence of effervescence is the result of inadequate glass.
The opening of the bottle

• • To open the bottle, slightly tilt the bottle and release the loop of the muzzle.
• Then remove the cap and its covering together while holding the cap and avoiding placing the trajectory of the cap in the direction of a guest.
• Then, still holding the cap firmly, grasp the body of the bottle and turn it to gently release the cap of the neck without letting it escape.
Serve champagne
• Hold the bottle by the base and not by the collar.
• Pour the Champagne in several times depending on the size of the glass and the exuberance of the mousse.
• Fill the glass to a maximum of two-thirds to be able to smell its aromas.
• Allow time for the wine to open a little to fully appreciate all its wealth. Once opened, no method can keep the bottle its qualities.

The essential conditions
The Champagne is delivered at a stage of perfect maturity, its aging having already taken place in cellar, mastered by its maker.
However, it can be kept for several years as long as the bottle is kept cool and protected from light and drafts.
The essential thing is to respect:
• a low and constant temperature (around 10 ° C),
• a high hygrometry (humidity rate),
• storage protected from light, noise and vibrations.

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