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Champagne has a bright, satiny and fairly fluid robe, yellow gold in color with deep straw yellow reflections in the glass. It is animated by fine and lively bubbles which feed a persistent bead. The visual sensation announces a rich and nuanced wine.

The first nose affirms the fruity and greedy character of Champagne, with notes reminiscent of quince compote, hot apple with butter, wild strawberry, Mirabelle plum, sweet almond, cumin, honey. Aeration of Champagne reveals notes of gingerbread, candied pomelo, mandarin, nectarine, cherry, roasted pineapple, honeysuckle, marmalade, apricot, pomegranate, fig, cinnamon.

The touch in the palate is sweet and fresh, with a creamy and melted effervescence. The wine develops a pulpy and velvety fruity material, supported by an orange acidity and pomelo. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a predominantly clay-chalky and clay-sandy minerality, which gives frankness, delicacy, fruity volume, iodized salinity and length to the palate. The finely balanced whole succeeds in the synthesis of a delicious and fleshy fruity substance, with a slender freshness with fruity nuances dominated by yellow and exotic fruits. The careful dosage enhances a melting, delicately iodized and seductive finish.

Noir Extra-brut is a refined Champagne which has the fruity richness, the character and the elegance necessary to accompany your friendly and gourmet exchanges, as well as meaty dishes inviting to escape. We suggest enjoying your Champagne with a service at 10 ° C in a slender, well-shaped glass. The following few harmonic propositions are not intended to create pleasant moments of sharing with your guests:


  • Parmesan shavings, aged 40 months

  • Cheek of monkfish with curry, smoked breast shavings, tangerine foam

  • Roasted monkfish tail, mushroom risotto and cumin-flavored carrot cream

  • Fresh foie gras, quince marmalade, gingerbread crumble

  • Crispy candied pork cheeks, carrot julienne flavored with walnut oil and reduced juice

  • Salad of duck marinated in balsamic and honey, shredded manchego, crunchy vegetables

  • Braised guinea fowl leg with black grapes

  • Beef fillet and reduction of champagne sauce with cream of morels


Les accords de Geoffrey Orban, Ambassadeur du Champagne :

La cuvée Brut Rémanence joue un registre enrobé et gourmand et préserve la fraîcheur nécessaire pour exprimer ses nuances aromatiques et gastronomiques. Nous proposons une dégustation à une température de 9 à 10°C avec nos suggestions d’harmonies culinaires :  


Sardines millésimées 

Saint-Jacques poêlées et crème de panais à la coriandre 

Saumon fumé tiède et ses pommes de terre en robe des champs à la ciboulette 

Filet de saint-pierre et purée de céleri-rave au poivre de Sichuan 

Filet de daurade à la sarriette et petits légumes sudistes 

Pot-au-feu de la mer Carbonade au Champagne 

Carré d’agneau au thym citron 

Brie de Meaux affiné Poire confite au Champagne… 

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